Health system major incident: status update

  • 11 May 2018


Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire’s health system remains in ‘major incident’ status on Friday (11 May) and health leaders are continuing to urge residents not to use their local A&E unless it’s a genuine emergency.

Although the Emergency Department at the Bristol Royal Infirmary has now fully reopened, the wider health system remains under pressure following the fire at the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre on Wednesday night.

Measures to increase capacity across the local system, such as extended opening hours at local minor injuries units, remain in place going into the weekend and residents are being urged to do their bit by using the most appropriate service for their needs.

Clinical chair of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Jonathan Hayes, said: “We’re really grateful to all the NHS staff who have pulled out all the stops in their response to the fire on Wednesday night.

“Thanks to their hard work and dedication we are coping well across our local health system and most importantly, continuing to provide safe and effective services for patients.

“We’re also grateful to members of the public who’ve heeded the call to use services wisely in order to help manage demands on our busy A&E departments.

“With continued pressure across the system, our message remains that if you need care urgently but it’s not an emergency, please consider alternative services such as your local minor injuries unit and dial NHS111 for immediate advice and guidance.”

People can also play their part in measures to regain capacity across the local health system, by supporting loved ones to leave hospital as soon as they are fit for discharge.

Dr Hayes added: “Prompt discharge is good for patients and frees vital capacity in our busy hospitals so we’re asking people to do everything they can to support loved ones to leave hospital when they’re medically fit to go.

“People should also remember that if loved ones need to be discharged to a residential or care home, they should not expect to be given a choice in where they go.”

Further updates will be posted on the CCG website.

Minor injuries extended opening hours, 11-13 May

Friday 11 May

Yate MIU: Open until 10pm

South Bristol Urgent Care Centre:            Open until 10pm

Clevedon MIU: Open until 10pm

Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May

Yate MIU: Open 9am to 2pm

South Bristol Urgent Care Centre:            Open 8am to 10pm

Clevedon MIU: Open 8am to 10pm