Bristol sports stars ask people eligible for the free flu jab to ‘Take One for the Team’ by getting the vaccination and protecting the community

  • 24 November 2020


Sports stars in Bristol are backing our campaign asking people eligible for the free flu vaccination to ‘Take One for the Team’ this winter by getting the jab and protecting yourselves - and the community - from the flu.

Players from Bristol City Football Club, Bristol Bears Rugby Club and Bristol Flyers Basketball Team are supporting the campaign by encouraging people to protect everyone’s health by getting the vaccination.

Anyone can get the flu, no matter how fit you are and it can be serious, especially if you have an underlying condition. Getting flu means you’re also likely to spread it in the community and it could be especially serious for more vulnerable people.

People who are most vulnerable to the flu are able get the vaccination for free on the NHS. They include those over-65, people with long-term health conditions such as diabetes and pregnant women. Primary school children will also receive the nasal spray vaccination via their school.

Bristol City Football Club forward Antoine Semenyo said:

We’re getting behind the NHS and asking all those who are eligible for the free flu vaccination to get it and help protect themselves and the community from the flu.

Steven Luatua Bristol Bears Captain said:

Nobody wants to get the flu so the best way to protect yourself this winter is to get vaccinated. Be a team player and get the flu jab today!

Bristol Flyers forward Marcus Delpeche added:

We all want to stay fit and well, especially at the moment as coronavirus continues to circulate. But no matter how fit you are you can still be vulnerable to flu and can spread it others so protect yourself and those around you by getting the free flu jab if you’re eligible.

If you are eligible for a free vaccination you will be sent a letter from your GP which will tell you how to make an appointment. Many pharmacies also offer the vaccination by appointment.

Dr Charlie Kenward, local GP and Clinical Lead for Research and Improvement at Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG said:

It’s fantastic to have so many of Bristol’s sport stars backing us in our campaign to ask people to get the free flu jab this year if they are eligible.

Flu can cause people to be seriously unwell and this year of all years it’s vital that we protect at-risk groups who might also be at higher risk from Covid-19 as well. That means getting the jab if you’re offered, not only because it will protect you, but because it will reduce the chance of your friends, loved ones and elderly relatives getting the flu too. It also helps the NHS protect people from Covid-19 because if fewer people are hospitalised with flu, hospitals will have more capacity to look after Covid-19 patients.

By getting the vaccination you’ll be making a huge difference to the community by protecting yourself others. So please Take One For the Team and get the vaccination this winter.

Speak to your GP or pharmacist to find out if you’re eligible for the free flu vaccination.