On 1 July 2022, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was dissolved. The new body is NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB). This website will no longer be updated. Please visit the new ICB website.

Shaping the BNSSG Primary Care Strategy

  • Status: Closed
  • Date closed: 23 August 2019
  • This survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded and shared their views.

    We are seeking your views and comments to update and deliver our Primary Care Strategy.

    Our renewed Primary Care Strategy will set out the transformation of Primary Care services, which includes dentistry, optometry and community pharmacy, with general practice at the heart. As more and more care shifts out of hospital into the community, it is important that those commissioning the care, delivering the care and experiencing the care all share the same vision and understanding of Primary Care. 

    You can view our existing strategy below.

    GP Primary Care Strategy

    This strategy aims to ensure the sustainability of general practice in light of the challenges, building on existing strengths and ensuring safe, effective and high quality care.

    Our local and national picture has moved on since 2016 when the last strategy was written.

    We have adult community services across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire being procured, aiming for one provider delivering a suite of specialised services as close to home as possible for our population.

    We have Healthier Together, our Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, with 13 local organisations all signed up to working together to improve the health of our population.

    Nationally, we have a new GP Contract which sees practices coming together to work in Primary Care Networks. Primary Care Networks are groups of practices working together with other providers of health and care in your community.

    To help inform our updated strategy, we want to hear from local people impacted by primary care services and staff working with them. We're asking these stakeholders to:

    • share experiences of what works well or what can be better
    • check that we haven’t missed anything
    • tell us what is important
    • tell us how we can do things differently
    • design how we will implement the strategy
    • engage others and spread the word.

    Our timelines are ambitious. We will be building on the significant amount of work done on the original strategy from 2016.

    There will be a two-part approach: 

    Part 1: An initial launch event was held on 18 June 2019, with ongoing engagement opportunities throughout July and August. You can view the presentation from the launch event below.

    In September 2019, we will refresh the old strategy to a living document that adapts to the changing environment. It will set out our new vision and our key priorities for the next five years.

    Part 2: From September 2019 onwards, we will develop a transformational change plan to support delivery of the new strategy.

    Primary care strategy update - launch event presentation

    View presentation slides from the launch event on Tuesday 18 June for our Primary care strategy update.

    We're inviting you to take part in our online survey to:

    • vote for a vision statement 
    • comment on our proposed priorities for developing Primary Care in BNSSG
    • add your views on what good primary care will look like – what matters to you
    • add your views on how Primary Care Networks can support the needs of our population
    • add your views on how will we deliver our priorities.