Referrals to secondary care pain services for assessment and treatment

  • Status: Closed
  • Date opened: 09 May 2018
  • Date closed: 06 June 2018
  • Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for making the best use of the NHS budget allocated to us for our population’s health services. The demand for these services is always greater than the money available, so we have to prioritise the use of funds carefully.

    To help us do this, we use national and local best practice policies to ensure that the treatments, operations or drugs we commission have a proven benefit in meeting the health needs of our population.

    This means we will not routinely fund treatments, drugs or operations where the available evidence suggests that there is only limited benefit to that intervention. We are also unable to routinely fund unusual or uncommon treatments.

    Some interventions require specific criteria to be met to enable a person to be eligible to receive that intervention; these are called Criteria Based Access (CBA) policies.

    This is to ensure that treatments are funded for people who are most likely to receive benefit from that intervention and usually where other options have been trialled first.

    This policy has been written with specialist clinicians in the pain services to ensure that the people who will most benefit from the interventions on offer in the pain clinic will be able to receive them in a timely manner.

    Draft Criteria Based Access Policy for Referrals to Secondary Care Pain Services for Assessment and Treatment

    Referrals to secondary care pain services for assessment and treatment are subject to this restricted policy.

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