On 1 July 2022, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was dissolved. The new body is NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB). This website will no longer be updated. Please visit the new ICB website.

Lunchtime seminars

Our Clinical Effectiveness & Research Team hosts monthly lunchtime seminars. Find out more information below on our upcoming seminars as well as details and presentations from past seminars. 

If you would like to find out more about any of the seminars or request presentations please get in touch with us at bnssg.research@nhs.net

1st July 2022

The third Research Showcase seminar will be held on Fri 1st July, 11am-12pm. Register here for more details and a link to join.

Our speakers are:

Prof Rik Cheston (UWE Bristol) – ADAPT: The south Asian Dementia diAgnosis PaThway.

Prof Russ Jago (University of Bristol) – Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the physical activity of Year 6 children and their parents.

Dr Lucy Potter (University of Bristol) – A co-produced service improvement intervention aiming to improve access to trauma-informed primary care for people with complex needs.

22nd June 2022

The second Research Showcase seminar will be held on Weds 22nd June, 10-11am. Register here for more details and a link to join.

Our speakers are:

Dr Jo Thorn (University of Bristol) - A patient-reported questionnaire to measure the use of informal care, social care and personal expenses.

Prof Nicola Wiles (University of Bristol) – INTERACT: Integrated therapist and online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depression in primary care.

Dr Helen Malson (UWE Bristol) - Improving primary care services for people with an eating disorder.

Dr Rowan Brockman (University of Bristol) – Pooled budgets between the NHS and Local Authorities.

31st March 2022

The Research team at Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG) are holding a new series of online seminars showcasing the work of local researchers, and their National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Research Capability Funding (RCF) funded projects.

The first seminar is Thursday 31st March, 1-2pm. Register here for more details and a link to join.

Our speakers for this first seminar are:

Prof Nikki Cotterill (UWE Bristol) - Pharmacy Role In the proMotion of continencE (PRIME).

Dr Sam Creavin (Univ. of Bristol) - SATS: Self-Assessment To support Self-care for Covid-19.

Dr Emily Dodd (UWE Bristol) - Can the LivDem psychosocial intervention for people living with dementia be adapted and modified to be effectively implemented and delivered in the community by Voluntary Community Sector Organisations (VCSOs)?

Dr Andrew Moore (Univ. of Bristol) - The acceptability and implementation potential of a novel Shared Decision-Making tool for Knee Osteoarthritis, and its potential to impact on the musculoskeletal care pathway.

Dr Alyson Huntley (Univ. of Bristol) - How can people with heart failure be supported to maximize their participation in exercise?

Dr Mary Cramp (UWE Bristol) - Information-sharing between healthcare professionals and providers and black stroke survivors and their carers.

31st March 2020

Back by popular demand, Dr Amanda Owen-Smith will further explore the relationship between supply and demand in healthcare delivery and offer insights into ways to set priorities when resources are scarce.

31st March 2020 seminar poster

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19th March 2020

This project assessed how a practice was recording anticipatory medicines, and how accurate the records were, using nursing homes as a reference. Findings, current guidelines, limitations and the recommendations based on the results will be discussed.

19th March R&E Seminar

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20th February 2020

Digital health tools such as online triage, smartphone apps, and patient access to online medical records, are becoming commonplace.

The DECODE study aims to inform implementation of digital health tools in primary care by understanding their unexpected consequences.

February 2020 R&E seminar poster

27th January 2020

Alex Ward-Booth & Ben Carlson-Davies provided some reflections from the first year of the BNSSG CCG Citizens’ Panel, including translating population insights into action.

They also shared their experiences of running and managing the panel, and gave an overview of plans for the next year.

14th January 2020

Dr Amanda Owen-Smith will explore the relationship between need, demand, and service use when it comes to the provision of state-funded healthcare and explain the connection between quantitative needs assessments and the delivery of best value healthcare.

January 2020 R&E Seminar

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November 2019

The seminar featured the Life of Breath project, a five-year Wellcome-funded multidisciplinary research project, studying the experience of breathing and breathlessness.

Researchers from medical anthropology, philosophy, history and palliative care talked about their research and the ensuing policy recommendations.

A phenomenology of breathlessness

Life of Breath

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What is a body

Who counts

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September 2019

This highly interactive seminar considered approaches for planning local resource prioritisation exercises.

R&E September 2019 seminar presentation

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July 2019

One in six employed people experience mental health problems in the workplace. During 2017/18, 57% of lost work days were due to stress, depression or anxiety in Great Britain.

In this seminar Jenny Gibbs explored this issue and discussed ways to better support colleagues who have a mental health condition.

June 2019

Improving care through creative stakeholder engagement: making use of Research Capability Funding

In this seminar Dr Nikki Cotterill presented her recent work exploring how to improve continence care services across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire through creative stakeholder engagement. Nikki discussed her approach to identifying the key stakeholders, conducting preliminary interviews and holding a co-production engagement event to bring all these perspectives together.

This work was made possible through National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Capability Funding, which we awarded to Nikki in 2018.

May 2019

Thinking in pictures: the what, why and how of logic models

This interactive seminar covered a brief guide to using and developing logic models, with examples of their use within the NHS. Logic models are valuable visual tools for designing, evaluating and implementing health and wellbeing interventions best suited to their local context.

Thinking in Pictures: The What, Why and How of Logic Models

Thinking in Pictures: The What, Why and How of Logic Models

Putting the Theory into Practice: Building a Logic Model

The presentation delivered by Alison Loftus-Hills at the May 2019 R&E seminar

April 2019

Supporting GP recruitment and retention: lessons from a unique project

The Weston Intensive Support Scheme (ISS) is a six-month project to support GP recruitment and retention. The project requires all Weston and Worle practices to work together, designing a new process to reduce workload and improve patient care.

In this seminar, Denys Rayner talked through the challenges the Weston ISS Team have faced as well as emerging findings and key lessons from the project, providing a unique insight into the new primary care networks.

Making general practice a great place to work - ISS Project Update

The presentation delivered by Denys Rayner, ISS Programme Manager at the April 2019 R&E seminar.

March 2019

Promoting the traditional Mediterranean diet for cardiovascular risk reduction in the UK: challenges and opportunities.

In this seminar, Dr Angeliki Papadaki from the University of Bristol presented current research on the Mediterranean diet as a health intervention, shared lessons learned on barriers to adoption, and talked about how these findings could inform interventions to promote the diet in the UK. 

February 2019

Research on the organisation and delivery of urgent care services.

At our February seminar Dr Sarah Voss, Dr Matthew Booker and Kim Kirby discussed three ongoing and planned research projects led by the Emergency Care Team at UWE. These projects include:

  • Efficient models for GPs working in Emergency Departments (GPED)
  • Investigating the deployment of paramedics in GP services
  • Paramedics identifying people at the end of life.

January 2019

Health Integration Teams (HITs) and their work on public health and community-based support initiatives

In January 2019 we hosted a seminar alongside Bristol Health Partners on Public health and community-based support initiatives: the work of Health Integration Teams (HITs). 

Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Teams (HITs) address pressing health challenges to improve health outcomes across BNSSG. HITs bring together health and care professionals, patients, members of the public, commissioners, local government, third sector organisations and researchers.

This seminar included short presentations and a Q&A panel on:

  • the sexual health improvement programme
  • healthy urban neighbourhoods
  • physical activity and social engagement in older adults
  • support for people with dementia.

The work of Health Integration Teams: seminar presentation

A compilation of the presentations given at the research and evidence lunchtime seminar in January 2019.