Licensed fertility (assisted conception) services for NHS patients

We commission a range of licensed assisted conception services to help eligible local NHS patients achieve a successful pregnancy quickly and safely, leading to the delivery of a healthy child. The services include in vitro fertilisation (IVF) as well as other associated treatments.

Couples meeting the NHS eligibility criteria for Assisted Conception Treatments have access to a choice of six HFEA Licensed providers of IVF and other fertility treatments. These providers have all been contracted on our approved provider framework having demonstrated they can meet the quality and service standards we have set on behalf of our population, including success and complication rates that are in line with or better than the national average. 

Read about our consultation on the recommissioning of assisted conception services.

All referrals for Assisted Conception treatments are managed via our Individual Funding Request team, who notify couples of eligibility and the providers they can choose from.