Our values

We’re guided by clear values that help us lead healthcare in our area and make the right decisions on behalf of our people.

we embrace diversity, we work better together, we support each other, we act with integrity, we strive for excellence, we do the right thing

We act with integrity

By communicating with each other, respecting each others' time and being honest and open we build a culture of trust and respect.

We support each other

By looking out for each other and investing in our training and development, we create a caring workplace where staff are empowered to fulfil their potential.

We embrace diversity

By fostering an inclusive workplace with diverse perspectives, and recognising the value of each individual, we make better decisions.

We work better together

By building strong relationships with our colleagues and partners, and sharing our skills, knowledge and experience we become a stronger team.

We strive for excellence

By challenging ourselves and each other, taking ownership and pride in our work, and investing in our skills, we endeavour to be the best we can be.

We do the right thing

By making evidence based decisions and listening to our population we will shape better health for everyone in our communities.