Assessing our performance

Every year, NHS England uses a thorough framework to make sure all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are delivering the best possible services for their populations.

You can view how we are performing in each of the priority areas by using the 'performance of' drop-down menu.

This uses a CCG improvement and assessment framework (IAF). It assesses how CCGs are doing in four areas, also known as ‘domains’. These are:

  1. Better Health: this section looks at how the CCG is contributing towards improving the health and wellbeing of its population, and bending the demand curve.
  2. Better Care: this principally focuses on care redesign, performance of constitutional standards, and outcomes, including in important clinical areas.
  3. Sustainability: this section looks at how the CCG is remaining in financial balance, and is securing good value for patients and the public from the money it spends.
  4. Leadership: this domain assesses the quality of the CCG’s leadership, the quality of its plans, how the CCG works with its partners, and the governance arrangements that the CCG has in place to ensure it acts with probity, for example in managing conflicts of interest.

CCGs are also subject to an initial baseline assessment which will be based on our achievement in six clinical priority areas: 

  • cancer
  • dementia
  • diabetes
  • learning disabilities
  • maternity
  • mental health.